The NBA offseason is almost upon us and the teams competing in it are trying to figure out which players will get a second chance and which will have to wait until after the NBA draft.

So we thought we’d do a quick recap of what’s happening this season and then break down what teams should be taking note of.1.

Oklahoma City Thunder and Dallas Mavericks make it to the conference finalsThe Thunder are still just one win away from being a legitimate playoff team.

They’ll make the playoffs if they get the necessary win over the Lakers and Spurs.

It’s the best case scenario.2.

New Orleans Pelicans reach the conference semifinalsThe Pelicans have to beat the Wizards and Warriors to make it out of the first round, which is very likely.

They’ve done that in five of the last six seasons and should make the second round in this year’s postseason.3.

Memphis Grizzlies reach the league semifinalsThe Grizzlies won a game in the first game of the season, but they’ve fallen apart in the second and third games.

The Grizzlies could be in the mix for a wild card spot.4.

Houston Rockets reach the first of three conference finals.

The Rockets are still in the playoffs, but the only thing they have to worry about is winning their remaining games to reach the second wild card.

If they win one more game, Houston will be in a playoff spot.5.

Atlanta Hawks reach the Eastern Conference semifinals.

The Hawks are one win ahead of Boston in the Eastern conference and have a lot of work to do to get to the second seed.

They have to win their remaining three games to get a chance to play the Celtics and Cavs.6.

Phoenix Suns reach the Western Conference finals.

Phoenix is one win out of a playoff position with a chance at a wild-card spot.

If it can win its remaining four games, Phoenix would have a shot at a playoff berth.7.

Los Angeles Lakers reach the NBA Finals.

The Lakers are already in the conference playoffs, having just lost to the Clippers in the opener.

They also have the worst record in the league, so if they can’t get a win or two over the Thunder and Thunder hit the road to face the Suns, the Lakers will have a chance.8.

Utah Jazz reach the playoffsAfter the Jazz lost their first two games, they won three straight to win three games in a row and make it into the Western conference finals before dropping two of their final three games.9.

Detroit Pistons reach the postseasonThe Pistons are on a four-game winning streak, and they’re in a great position to make the postseason if they win three more games in the next week.10.

Sacramento Kings reach the West finalsAfter winning two straight to make a deep run into the playoffs and then dropping two straight, the Kings have lost five straight.11.

Utah Grizzlies reach playoff positionThe Grizzlies are still on a winning streak.

They’re one win behind the Lakers in the Western playoff race and have one more win to go.12.

Los Clippers reach the playoff roundWith the Clippers losing three of their last four games to make their way into the conference Finals, it looks like they’re going to have to play to get out of their own way.13.

Minnesota Timberwolves reach the Central division playoffsThe Timberwolves have won five of their past six games and are in control of the eighth seed.

The Timberwolves are in a very good position heading into this season’s playoffs, which should be fun to watch.14.

Sacramento Pelicans reach conference semifinalsIf the Pelicans are able to beat Cleveland in the finals, they’ll reach the round of 16.

They’d be in position to play either the Heat or the Spurs.15.

Golden State Warriors reach the Conference finalsThe Warriors are now one win shy of making the playoffs.

They need to win one game against the Cavaliers in the Finals to get that spot.16.

Los Angeles Clippers reach playoffsAfter losing five straight, they made a run to the Western finals.

Now, they need to defeat the Suns to make sure of a place in the fourth round.17.

Charlotte Hornets reach the PlayoffsThe Hornets are just two wins out of an Eastern Conference playoff spot, but it’s still a very difficult division to get into.18.

Atlanta Falcons reach playoffsThe Falcons lost three of four to fall into the sixth spot.

They play a tough schedule, but if they play the Spurs and Heat, they could make the conference tournament.19.

San Antonio Spurs reach playoffsThere’s still no shortage of playoff games to be played in the Spurs’ division.

The Spurs will play two games against the Clippers, one against the Warriors, and one against both the Wizards, Rockets, and Jazz in the playoff series.20.

Oklahoma Warriors reach playoff seriesThe Warriors will play three games against each of the other four teams in the West playoff bracket.

If the Warriors lose one of those games, the Warriors would have to defeat one of