In the world of mobile apps, developers can now enjoy a degree of autonomy from Apple’s management, with the latest iOS 7 update giving them access to Apple’s codebase.

The update comes a month after Apple’s CEO Tim Cook took over as CEO and, as part of the transition, Cook has begun appointing Apple-specific software engineers.

The new hires will be part of a new team of developers that has the ability to work independently from the iOS team.

These employees are responsible for a small group of software and data scientists and coders working on projects that Apple will release with the next iOS update.

The iOS team is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the company’s software and services, including iPhoto, iMovie, Photos, the Messages app, and a slew of other apps.

The iOS team also has a large set of apps that are made for iOS devices that are used in enterprise applications.

However, many of these apps were designed for iOS and were previously available only for Apple devices.

As a result, these apps are not fully compatible with the newest iOS version.

The latest iOS update will bring these apps to iOS 7, and some of these features will be rolled out as the new version is released.

While some of the changes are cosmetic, the iOS development team has begun to take a more hands-on approach to its development, and its hiring of developers is helping the company develop more robust apps.

Apple is also introducing new features to the iMessage app that will let users send private messages through the app and receive them as text messages.

For example, users can set up an “Autosave” function that will allow users to save messages as they scroll through messages.

Additionally, iOS 7 will bring a new version of the iWork suite, allowing users to create and edit their own files on their devices.

These features are designed to make the apps easier to use for new users, as they will let them work from anywhere on their device.