The best thing a business owner can do is be a regular Joe, and that’s exactly what some of these companies are doing.

The Business Insider team has a look at some of the most famous startups that are doing just that.


Facebook: The first major social media company, Facebook is the company responsible for Facebook Live, Messenger, Instagram and other popular social networking apps.

The company has also been a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence, developing its own machine learning software.

Facebook is one of the largest social media companies in the world and it recently became one of Facebook’s main shareholders, raising a total of $16.5 billion.


Apple: The iPhone maker has been the largest manufacturer of mobile phones in the U.S. since the iPhone debuted in 2005.

Its main focus has been making the best iPhones and iPads, and the company has been very successful at that.

The iPad has become one of Apple’s biggest products, and it’s a product that has become a must-have for many techies.


Uber: Uber is the world’s largest taxi service, and its cars are the fastest in the business.

It was acquired by Uber in 2018 for $680 billion, but it’s been rumored that Uber could still make a comeback if it can find a way to get the best drivers and most profitable business model.

Uber is also a big company, and Uber has its own social network and app.

Uber has also become one the most profitable companies in tech history.


LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking site.

It’s been the target of much criticism because of its business model and how it handles its user data.

But the company is also the leader in online dating, which has become very popular among techies, with more than one million dating profiles.


Microsoft: Microsoft has a strong presence in the mobile market, with a huge amount of revenue from Windows phones.

Its Office suite has become the most downloaded software of all time.

Microsoft also has a large presence in social media, with the social network VK, and many of its products are used by techies and professionals.


Google: Google’s search engine is used by millions of people worldwide, and is also used by Google to build its products.

But it’s also a company with huge potential in artificial intelligence and other areas of artificial life.

Google has been a huge innovator in artificial life, and artificial intelligence is one area where it is already very successful.


Spotify: Spotify is a major music streaming service.

Its music library includes more than 40 million songs.

Its success in this space has led to many people believing that Spotify is the future of music.


Pinterest: Pinterest is an online community that provides users with easy access to photos and information about the world around them.

It has been used to create the first “pink unicorn,” an online company that’s now worth $20 billion.


Salesforce: Salesforce has been able to attract large amounts of talent from the tech and marketing industries.

Its business is built on software that can help companies create more successful products and services.


Etsy: Etsy is a popular online marketplace, and Etsy has been one of Etsy’s most profitable businesses.

It started in 2007, and since then it’s grown exponentially, becoming the third largest online marketplace after Amazon and eBay.


Instagram: Instagram is one the biggest social media platforms in the history of the world.

It uses a social network to connect users with each other, and with businesses, celebrities and other brands.

It is also one of Instagram’s biggest competitors, which makes it one of its biggest competitors.


Twitter: Twitter is one a powerful company with a strong business model, and one of Twitter’s biggest rivals is Facebook.


Microsoft Windows: Microsoft Windows is one major computer platform used by Microsoft, including its Xbox video game console.


Netflix: Netflix is the largest video streaming service in the United States.

Netflix has become much more popular as a service for consumers, and in the past several years has become more popular among celebrities and professionals as well.


Google Play: Google Play is a digital distribution service for video games.

Its popularity in the video game industry has led many companies to take a more active role in its development.


Netflix is one big company that has lots of money, and lots of cash.

It made a profit of $2.1 billion last year.


Facebook News Feed: Facebook News feed is one one of Google’s most popular online services.

It features articles from various news outlets around the world, and this is one way in which Facebook is gaining a larger share of the news market.


LinkedIn Connect: LinkedIn Connect is an organization that offers people an opportunity to connect with people in their local area, as well as around the globe.

This organization provides people with an opportunity for professional networking through their local community.


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