MTV News is bringing back its ‘The Ends’ series in 2019 with a brand new series based on the true story of a band of survivors of a brutal war in Vietnam.

The first episode, set to premiere in September, is titled ‘The Ending’.

The show will also feature a new episode called ‘The Return’.

MTV News said the show will feature interviews with the men and women who went through the war in the United States and Vietnam and will feature the return of some of the veterans who fought in the Vietnam War.

The show also will feature new interviews with survivors of the U.S. and Vietnamese wars, including a reunion with former Vice President Mike Pence, as well as members of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Association.

The series will premiere on MTV News, which will also be the home of ‘MTV’s War Zone’.

The series was created by Ryan Kline and directed by John L. Meeks.

“We were inspired by the fact that the men, women and children of the American war in Viet Nam had come back to life,” said Kline.

“In ‘The Beginning’ we set out to tell the story of these men and their stories and how their lives were changed by the war.

The story of the men of the ‘Vietnam War’ has been a true American tragedy, but this series tells the story not only of those who came back, but also the families who had lost loved ones and friends in the war and the veterans that have come back and continue to live.”

Kline, who is also the executive producer of ‘The War Zone,’ said the first episode will tell the true stories of the first five survivors of ‘Viennam’ who were deployed to Vietnam and eventually left the country to escape the conflict.

They were sent to a prison camp where they were held in secret by the U