CBS News has selected the candidates who are most likely to win the 2016 presidential election.

The candidates in the top three are Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley.

The candidates in fourth and fifth place are Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz.

The CBS News Democratic primary race is now in its final stages and the candidates in that race are the ones we will be seeing the most of this week, said CBS News Political Director Scott Horsley.

The Democratic candidates for president are all viewed as the most likely choices to win their party’s nomination, Horsly said.

Sanders has the support of the most Democrats, and Trump has the backing of the GOP establishment.

Sanders and Trump have a great relationship.

Both of them have been extremely critical of President Obama and have made the case that the country’s economic recovery is more important than the next four years of President Biden.

Sanders has a chance to win, Harsley said.

He’s the candidate who’s been the most consistent and has been a consistent leader in the fight against Wall Street.

He has been very consistent in calling for the need to raise taxes on the wealthiest people.

And that’s what we’re going to see the biggest support from Democrats for him.

The other two Democrats vying for the nomination, Clinton and Sanders, have not had a great deal of success in the early primary states.

They have been more successful in states like Iowa and New Hampshire where they have a better shot at winning the nomination.

In recent weeks, the Democratic National Committee has started to roll out its schedule of debates for the 2016 election.

The Democratic candidates have all been asked to participate in those debates.

The debates will be held in Milwaukee, New Hampshire and Charleston, South Carolina.

On Sunday, the candidates will face off in a debate in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sanders and Clinton will face each other in a televised debate on Sunday, March 9.

The debate will be live-streamed at and will be hosted by CBS News Chief Anchor and CBS News Senior Political Correspondent Margaret Brennan.

The CBS News Republican debate will also be televised on CBS News Channel on Sunday.

The Republican debates are scheduled to be hosted on Sunday by Fox News Channel.

The Fox debate will take place on Sunday at 9 p.m.


The Republican debates will also air on ABC, CBS and NBC.ABC News Political Correspondents Bob Orr and Carol D’Andrea, host of “This Week,” will moderate the Republican debate.ABC’s “This Morning” will have a moderated GOP debate with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump moderating.ABC and CBS have both announced their Republican debates, and the networks will televise the Democratic and Libertarian debates, which will be broadcast on ABC.