Posted May 04, 2019 04:01:20It’s not clear what prompted the cyberattack, but some in the industry fear it could affect some of the biggest companies in the world.

“There’s no question this was a very serious matter,” said Adam Rigg, chief technology officer at security firm Sophos.

“It’s going to be very difficult for any company in the software industry to survive, and for some of these companies, this is going to really impact their bottom line.”

The attacks could be linked to a group of individuals calling themselves “The Hacker Gang,” which is active on Twitter and YouTube.

The group is also known as the Anonymous Hackers, which is a reference to the online movement Anonymous, and has been active in cyberspace for several years.

The hackers have posted videos showing people using malware and other techniques to gain access to the personal information of millions of people, including credit card numbers, passwords, home addresses, medical information and social media profiles.

Some of the attacks are designed to target people who are not familiar with the computer security tools they use, which could pose a threat to some companies, Rigg said.

It’s unclear if the attacks were targeted specifically at financial institutions.

“I think there are lots of organizations out there that are being targeted,” he said.

The attacks have hit major tech companies like Google and Facebook, where the security and privacy of their customers are critical.

Companies including Amazon, Adobe, eBay, eBay Payments, Etsy, Twitter and Tumblr have also been affected by the attack.

Financial Post was one of the first companies to report the issue.

“Our financial institution is still being disrupted by this attack, and we are in contact with the affected companies,” said Financial Post spokeswoman Heather Watson.

The company is working with its financial security team to identify the source of the attack, Watson said.