By Sarah TompkinsRead moreThe social media company Instagram has rolled out its emoji app, a new app designed to create captivating emoji and other emoji for users to create, share and use.

It’s a welcome addition to the social media app, which has seen huge growth over the past few years, but its features are lacking compared to others on iOS.

It also comes at a time when users are increasingly looking for ways to express their emotions and feelings on Instagram.

Some users are creating emoji for their favourite celebrities, or for their pets.

Others are creating emoticons to help with the flu, and there are many emoji-related projects going on.

One of the first new emoji-based apps released in 2017, the Instagram Emoji Calculator app, was a big hit.

It created the most popular emoji for Twitter users, including #yayyay, which was a great example of the power of emoji.

But that’s only part of the story.

Instagram is not the only company developing its own emoji app.

In March, the company also announced that it had acquired an emoji-centric social media platform called Emoji Factory.

Its first emoji app will be called Emojify, and it will be launched in a few months.

Here’s how it works: Emoji is a collection of different emoji that can be combined to create a new, unique emoji.

You can create multiple emoji, but the most common way to do that is to have a tag that contains the emoji you want to use, and then add it to a group.

For example, you might tag the emoji “the word,” and add the word “happy” to a tag with “happy emoji.”

You can add an emoji to a hashtag, and when someone searches for the word in that hashtag, you can add the emoji to the list of Emoji to Use.

As the tag grows, users are able to share emojis with each other, and the tag also grows as the tags and tags with them grow.

That’s the beauty of emojify – the more tags and emojises you create, the more you get to choose what emoji you use.