TechCrunch headline Apple and Google open up new web browsers in 2018 article Apple and Microsoft are teaming up to create new web apps for the mobile web, and it’s a move that will be welcome news to web developers and developers who work on web browsers.

Both companies will be making a major push into the new space, as they continue to push for more apps and more native features on their browsers. 

The two companies will announce their new apps for iOS, Android, and Windows on Tuesday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Microsoft’s plans are similar to Apple’s in the sense that the company will be bringing its Bing search engine, which was launched in 2012, to the new platforms.

The company will also be making the Cortana digital assistant for the new web browser, which will bring a lot of the power of Siri to the web.

Apple’s plans for web apps are a little more complex, and the company’s Safari web browser will be the first web browser for the Windows platform.

Microsoft has been working on an Android web browser that would be more akin to Chrome, though that project is currently in a beta state.

Both Microsoft and Google have been working together on the web browser since 2014, when Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser was first launched.

Google has been slowly pushing Chrome and other browsers into the browser space since 2014.

Google Chrome OS is Google’s own browser for Android that runs on Android smartphones and tablets.

Google’s Chrome OS will likely be an upgrade to the Chrome browser that’s already available on iOS and Mac OS X. Apple has been pushing the desktop web browser as a replacement for Microsoft’s WebKit browser for a while now, and Microsoft is the only browser on the desktop that supports it.

The new web app plans are a great sign for Microsoft, Google, and Apple, as the two companies continue to work together on building the next generation of web browsers for the web platform.