By: Matt Kibbe Ars Technic: A new email template from Microsoft has been launched, giving developers a way to build their own HTML email templates in a few easy steps.

The Mailto template is one of the first HTML email clients to be released for Windows, and has a simple interface.

Developers can then add their own headers, content, and images to customize their emails.

The templates feature a simple, HTML-based structure that allows for very quick iteration and experimentation, though they’re not quite ready for the more advanced functionality that has become available in Microsoft’s new Outlook email client.

Microsoft’s Mailto email template is not without its issues.

The email client doesn’t come with a developer toolset or documentation, and the developers have to figure out their own way of organizing the template in a more organized way.

That said, the templates do provide a quick and easy way to get started with HTML email.

You can see how to use the template and create your first email, which is a basic template that shows how to create an email with headers and footers.

Once you have a working template, it’s a snap to add your own content and add your first header, footer, and a subject line.

You can add additional content and headers, as well as add attachments and attachments.

Microsoft is offering free developer support for the Mailto templates, so you can give them a try if you want to try the template.

The templates are also available for $9.99, so there’s plenty of value in giving this one a try.

You should also check out the Microsoft Outlook email template, which can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft website.