Axios publisher Mike Allen said it’s not a good idea to go into a meltdown, because it’s easier to lose your job.

He said the news site’s algorithm will automatically adjust the news feed to better match your news consumption preferences.

Allen said Facebook is not immune to the social network’s algorithmic changes.

The social media giant’s algorithms can automatically adjust to better reflect what news you’re seeing and what stories are popular, Allen said.

Facebook users will notice a more streamlined news feed, where people will see fewer “news” stories and fewer “likes” and comments, Allen wrote in a recent post on the Axios website.

Allen said users will also see less news on Facebook and less news in the News Feed.

If you’re a Facebook user and your news feed is less streamlined, you may feel like you have to wait until you open Facebook to see the content that interests you, Allen added.

And if you’re not a Facebook users and the algorithm changes, the news you see is likely not the one you want to read, Allen explained.

“If you feel like your news is not telling you the story you want, then it will be harder to get back to the news,” he said.