MTV News is proud to present a new TV show, “The Muppet’s Most Wanted,” based on the Muppet’s most popular comic book series.

“The ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ Podcast” debuted in 2016 on the MTV Networks YouTube channel.

The series follows the adventures of the Muppet, Muppy Monster and Muppet Master in the Moo Moo City.

It is produced by Warner Bros. Television, Warner Horizon Television, and Sony Pictures Television.

The first season premiered in 2018.

This podcast focuses on the origins of the series.

Hosted by Adam Green (the man behind “The Real World”) and Michaela Meeks (the host of the “The Big Bang Theory” podcast), the show dives into the Momo Moo and Muppett Muppetts origins.

Topics include the Mondo-Muppet, the Moot, the first Muppet movie, the origins and evolution of Muppet Characters, Muppet movies, Mondo Muppet cartoons, the history of Muppeteers voice, and more.

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